Youtube video editor and its features


Recently Youtube enhanced its in-build video editor with a SLOW MOTION feature. Yes, along with all the different types of features that Youtube provides, now you can even see you video in slow motion.

Youtube video editor’s features

Login to Youtube and upload a video that you want to share. Open the ‘video manager’. Below is how the editor looks. Whatever editing you do you will see the preview of it along with the original version.












1. If the video is a shaky then use the ‘Stabilize’ option to stabilize the video. You can change the orientation as well.

2. To add color and light click the ‘sun’ like button and adjust the color, light, contrast and saturation. If you don’t want to do it manually then click  ‘Auto-fix’. The system will automatically fix the video.

3. Add the available video effects – black & white, cartoon, old-fashioned, etc.

4. To put the video under slow motion click the ‘tortoise’ button. Select one of the four % slow options. 100% will keep the original speed and 12.5% will make the video very slow.

5. You can even trim the video to select only the portion of it.

Finally hit he Save button on the top right corner to publish the video. Below is the edited video.