Transfer bookmarks from PC to Safari on iOS 7


One of the new feature of iOS7 that impressed me is the new cascading feature of the opened websites on the iOS 7 Safari for iPhone 4S. Navigating through the opened safari windows is simplified and just need a thumb, no need to tap more buttons and scrolling. The cascading effect of the windows gives you a visual picture of the opened page to make the selection easy.

The very first thing that I wanted to do was to start browsing all my favorite sites and start working on it. But for that I need the bookmarks on my PC’s browser on to my iPhone’s Safari browser. Thus I need to move all my bookmarks from the Firefox browser to the iPhone Safari. If you are using a Mac book then movement is very simple. On PC you will need few more steps and tools to do it.


Apart from the web browser (Firefox in this case) and Apple device (iPhone 4S in this case) you will need three other tools installed on you PC.

1. The latest version of iTunes 11.1.1

2. iCloud control panel. If you don’t have iCloud control panel on your PC then click here to get and install.

3. Safari browser for PC.


To transfer the bookmarks follow the below steps.

1. Open the Firefox browser and click on the bookmarks icon, which is just next to the search bar on the browser.

2. Click on Show All Bookmarks.


3. On the Bookmark window that just opened, select Import and Backup and click on Export bookmarks to HTML… And save the bookmarks.html file on your PC.


Note – you can upload this .html file to any other browser on your PC. To do that you will have to Import the file to that browser.


We are moving things from a non-Apple product to an Apple product. So, do the following things –

1. Select File from the main menu and click on Import Bookmarks… You will have to select the bookmarks.html file and add it to Safari.


This will add all the bookmarks to Safari.


It is time to setup the iPhone or any iDevice that you are using to accept the bookmarks from Safari. Follow the below steps on iPhone.

1. Navigate to Settings and tap on iCloud

2. You will see all the apps that can be synced with iCloud. If Safari button is switch off then switch it ON.

3. Scroll down and select Storage & Backup

4. Switch ON iCloud Backup if it is off and tap on Back Up Now.


Now go back to your PC and open the iCloud that you had initially installed and follow the below steps –

1. Once you open the iCloud you will have to Signin using the Apple iTunes ID and password.

2. Select on Bookmarks and click on Options. In the Options window you need to select Safari and click OK.


3. Click Apply on the main window. This will sync the PC Safari browser’s bookmarks with iCloud. The bookmarks on iCloud will get synced with iPhone’s Safari browser. Thus adding all the iCloud uploaded bookmarks on the phone’s browser.


That’s it.

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