Track the latest happening on your Niche Keyword


Searching a niche topic is a difficult task. If you have found a niche topic then the next step is creating the website and finding the latest stuffs related to niche for the prospective articles. If you follow the traditional approach to know the latest happenings on the niche then you have every day visit the already existing websites on the niche or check the popular news websites. How nice it would be if you can get the information about the latest happenings on the niche every day in your mail box? This can be achieved using Google Alerts service.

Using Google Alerts you can get the links to the latest happenings on your niche topic across the web in your mail box without any effort. The only effort you need to do is to setup the alert and tweak few options as per your need.

Let’s take an example of the niche keyword best electric tooth brush. If you want to know what’s happening on the web about the electric tooth brushes then use the keyword and set the Google Alert. Remember, the more niche the alert’s search query is, the better results you will get. So, in our example a bad alert topic could be tooth brush or tooth brushes. On the other hand the best alert query could be the keyword itself.

Here is how to set the Google Alert.

1)      Go to

2)      Enter the keyword best electric tooth brush

3)      You can choose what type of result you want on the search query – News, Blog posts, Video, Discussion, Books, or you want to know Everything on the web.

4)      Next is to set the frequency – As-it-happens, once a day or once a week. I suggest to keep it once a day, as you can get a single mail with all the best happenings every day.

5)      Further, select how many result links you need – All or just the best.

6)      Finally, you need to select where you would want the results to be delivered – in your Gmail account or as a feed.



That’s it, the alert is created and you will receive a mail every day (if selected once-a-day) in your Gmail inbox. To manage already created alerts click on Manage your alerts.

I am sure you might be getting lots of mails daily in your mail box. Create a filter with the filter name as google alerts and divert all the mails to a particular folder dedicated for alerts only.

Google alerts can deliver the mail to your Gmail account’s inbox only. But if you want the alert email to be received in your other mail box, like Yahoo, your office mail, etc., then create a divert for on the basis of the Google alerts email address. To know how to divert a mail from Gmail to any other inbox read the article – Stay private using email forwarding with Gmail alias.


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