Tips to print new Google Maps


Its been more than 8 years since the launch of Google Maps. Ever since its launch it is becoming better every year, with Google enhancing the mapping features to make Google Maps the best online map service. Be it any part of the world Google Map has it. The arrival of smart phones made the maps more useful. Google gives end to end directions with live traffic updates. The smart phone maps works smartly if you have a good data connectivity. What if you go to a place where there is no data connectivity on your smart phone (and you don’t have any kind of mapping device either).

Google maps print service comes very handy. I would say, if you are good at interpreting paper based maps and are good at directions then you need not depend on a smartphone or any kind of mapping device. Just search on Google map and take the step by step print out with you. Let us have a look at how to print Google maps effectively and comparing it with the same facility available with the older version of Google maps.

Note, by default I use Firefox browser.

How to print a location on new Google Maps

If you want to print just a location then search for it and center the map at that point. Now to print it, follow the classic approach of Cltr+P. Yup, this will print the map, but make sure that you do it in a landscape mode. Its better in landscape then portrait mode.


In the older version of Google maps the print icon is available on the top right corner of the left slide bar where as this same icon is not available on the new Google maps. Well, call it a miss by Google team or probably they just do not want the icon to be there at all, but I really got frustrated when for the first time I wanted to print a map on the new maps. Also, the older version had a note section but the new maps did not have it.


How to print the direction on new Google Maps

Put in the point A and B in the To and From of Google maps and hit the search icon. You will see below screen.



Click on the Step-by-step option. This will show the step by step directions from A to B. The screen will show you a bigger map revealing the overall map with a print icon on the top right corner. Google map divides the entire route in sections, this is generally on the basis of major intersection. Each of these sections further contains sub steps and there is a separate map. Click on each of the sections to expand it and see the corresponding map.



Hit the print icon. The first map image on the printed copy will be the overall map of the route. This will be followed by the sections each having a separate map.


If you are unsure of a particular turn or intersection then click on that sub step before printing the map. This will put that stepès zoomed image as the first image on the copy.

Again, the notes section is missing on the newer Google maps, where as it was there on the older version. Another missed feature is, on the older map you could get a smaller map for all the steps where as the newer one gives section wise breakup and a map for each section. Also, each of the step maps can be zoomed to the maximum for easy interpretation where as the same is not available on the newer one.


When using Google Chrome browser the print interface is different. When you shit the print icon using Google Chorme a separate window slides in showing the first larger image of the entire route and the sub maps for each of the section. Also it give various printing options on the side bar. But still you cannot zoom the sub smaller maps.



Quick Tip – how to switch back to Classic Google maps and make is permanent?

On the new maps click on settings -> Classic Maps. This will give back the classic Google maps with a message “You have switched back to classic Google Maps for this session. Do you want to make the switch permanent?”  Click ‘Yes’ and after that Google will not ask to switch over to the new maps.

Finally, however it is, Google maps the one of the best mapping service available. Yup, I am a bit disappointment with the new Google Maps. It is less friendly. Not sure why Google took this approach but I hope atleast one improvement on the next update of Google maps – Print icon on the main front screen of the map interface. Let me know what is that one feature that you want to be improved or enhanced in the new Google maps.


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