Tips – Find out how many times you have visited a site [Firefox]


Do you visit a website often? How many times have you visited it? Do you want to know?

We might be visiting a website 10 times a day and over 50 times a week but never kept the track of it. Its is possible with Firefox to know the total number of times you visited a particular website. Next time if your friend asks you if you have visited his blog then show him this count.

Open any website on Firefox and click on the ‘verified’ icon which is just left to the site’s URL on the address bar. This will bring up another window.

Art32_5Click on the More Information… button. It will show you the Page Info option’s Security details. Here you can find the total number of times the site’s been visited on Firefox.



Manage page permissions per website. The pop-up can be blocked only for a particular website, loading of the images can be controlled, control if browser’s extensions can be used on the site or not, select which plugin can be active and which will be inactive for this site, also the browser can be set to be viewed fullscreen for the site, and many more. All this can be governed from the Permissions tab on the Page Info window.





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