This one quick tip can free up space on your iPhone


Ran out of memory space on your iPhone. Its a really serious issue, when there is not much space left on your iPhone to add in your favorite songs, app, photos. There are external hard drives which can extend the capacity of your iPhone and to know more about such check this article.  But to have an extra space on your phone, whenever and where ever you need, has no match with the external hard drives.


Removing your favorite videos or the nostalgic photos is not a solution to get more space on iPhone. After a long search and experiments on how to get more space on iPhone, I got this simple trick which gave me more than 300 mb of free space on my iPhone.




The tip is to not to use the iPhone’s mail app and use app of the mailbox which you want to use. Using iPhone’s mail app is really quick way to check the emails. But as you keep using it, viewing emails, viewing attachments and checking older emails, the app really consumes lots of cache space.


Now, mainly all uses Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, Exchange. All of these have a mail app. The main benefit of using these third party mail app is that it do not consume the cache memory. However, it integrates very well with all the other apps that you may have on your iPhone like, Acrobat PDF reader, Pocket app, Images and more. The other benefit, for example of Gmail app, is that it allows multiple email IDs. Whereas on the iPhone’s mail app, you will have to add two Gmail IDs separately.


TIP – I am not against the usage of iPhone’s mail app, so, if you still want to use the iPhone’s mail app for all the inbox you have then the only way to release that utilized cache space is to delete the inbox and re-add the inbox.

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