How to add Shutdown button to Right Click menu in Windows 8.1

  Windows 8.1 came up with the addition of the windows start button, but it really didn’t gave the look of the old start button. Before 8.1 people literally struggled to find even the simplest task like Shutdown. With 8.1 the shutdown option was made available at the right click on the windows button. Well, […]

Tips for Windows 8.1 Start Screen

  Windows 8.1 was a step by Microsoft to simplify Windows 8 and to overcome Windows 8’s shot falls. When Windows 8.1 was released the fist thing we saw was the start button was back, but most of the other stuff remained same as it was in Windows 8. Like the Start screen. Even though […]

Skip Start Screen on Boot in Windows 8.1

  Windows 8 had mixed feelings from the users. Few really liked it but others found it difficult to follow. People were used to the start button which apparently was missing in Win 8. One of the main issue any new user faced is ‘how to go the desktop’ or ‘where is the desktop’. Definitely […]