How to manage Google history

  You have been searching a lot on Google search or might be searching for a place to go on the maps or checking on the shortest route to an unknown destination. You have been doing all these things over the net for so many years on Google and its apps, and all these is […]

How to get directions for multiple destinations on Google maps

  Google is making our travel easier with all the new updates that it brings to the maps. The newest addition Google has gone a step ahead, it is to search and get the map for multiple destination. Earlier we would have to pick a starting point and a end point for every location, and […]

Tips to print new Google Maps

  Its been more than 8 years since the launch of Google Maps. Ever since its launch it is becoming better every year, with Google enhancing the mapping features to make Google Maps the best online map service. Be it any part of the world Google Map has it. The arrival of smart phones made […]