Open the search results in a new tab window by default

  We use search engines to almost everything and anything that we want to know in the world. Sometimes, people don’t even take an effort to type the site’s URL in the address bar and directly go to or or or Yup, we have become so mush used to searching rather […]

How to print using Google Cloud Print

  Do you get bored spending time installing your printer’s driver every time when you purchase new computer? Are you looking for an option to use the printer without installing driver multiple times on multiple computers?  Do you wish to access your printer from any device – be it a smart phone, tablet, Mac, friend’s […]

4 Apps for managing PDFs on Google Drive

  The credit goes to Adobe System for giving us the Portable Document Format, the PDF format file. Initially, PDF was controlled by Adobe Systems until it was made free of charge to the world in 1993. Since then many applications/software have been released to manage PDFs and eradicating the need of  a licensed software […]

How to add Google Form’s Survey to Website?

  When talking about Google Forms we did talk about how to create a survey using Google forms, but the best use of any forms survey is its use on any website.There are many free survey software and plugins available but (I think) Google forms is the best free tool available for everyone. Mainly Google […]

Build Survey using Google Forms

  At some point in time many of us might have organized a party or a get-to-gather and would have realized a need of a simple but strong way of know the head count attending, the food choice, etc. How tedious it becomes if you have to send mails to all and then monitor each […]

Share documents across divices – Google Drive

  Tired of carrying a portable drive to share your documents, use Google Drive to access files/folders/documents across multiple devices. Edit the document on your PC / laptop and store it on the local Google Drive folder on your PC , view/edit it across all the devices. With Google drive you can collaborate your files […]