How to download your photos from Facebook

  Facebook is now a part of our social life. We get more updates of our family and friends from Facebook then via any other medium. We do upload many photos to Facebook just to tell people whats going on and where we have been. Well, by just looking at past photos of your friend […]

How to secure Facebook from unknown access

  I must admit it that, I learned the lesson after my Facebook account got hacked. I generally access Facebook on my phone. Last week when I tapped on the blue FB app it asked me to enter my password. Which was unusual for me and even after entering the password it didn’t accept.  I […]

How to stop Facebook game requests

  Sometimes it becomes unpleasant when you see more of the game requests then friends updates on the Facebook. As the number of games increases, so does the number of people taking interest in it.  Frankly, I joined Facebook to get in touch with my friends with whom I have lost the touch. But somehow […]

How to see all the liked pages on Facebook

  More than 1.10 billion users, approximately 50+ million pages, Facebook, the most widely used social network site on the globe. Not only close and far off friends, everyone in the connected world have a Facebook profile. With 50+ million pages, it is almost like an internet in itself, every small and big organization have […]

Call friends via Facebook app on iPhone

  We chat, view the latest photos, see the latest happenings in our friends life on Facebook. Do you know that we can even call and talk with friends over Facebook. In one of the receint updates Facebook have enhanced its chat application with voice call. Follow these simple steps – 1. Open the Facebook […]