Find the current location of the contact using iMessage

  iOS 8, as confirmed by Apple is the most heaviest and advanced iOS version release till date. Well, the installation was so heavy that it required atleast 4 GB of free space on the device. With the release of iOS 8, Apple have introduced a lot many new features. Some of the distinct and […]

How to play video in background on iOS7

Since the release of iOS7 playing videos in background is not possible when using the iOS video app. But using this simple trick we can play the video in background and continue doing other tasks or even lock the phone as well. Well, there are two major ways through with people watch videos, the first […]

Remind others by sharing your reminder note

  Forgot to pick up milk on the back to home, forgot to tell your friend to get that movie DVD, or forgot to remind your wife to make a special dish she promised :-). Wished for a personal assistant to keep a track of your to-dos, isn’t it? Busy life may distract you and […]

Take Panoramic photos from both the directions on iOS7

  Many cool and new features have been introduced when Apple released iOS7 for iProducts. One of the app that they enhanced in iOS7 is the Camera App. 2 new features were added – Square and Panorama photos. Here’s a quick and simple trick to take the panoramic photos from both the sides – left […]

Stuffs new on iOS 7

  The most awaited iOS 7 upgrade arrived on 18th Sep 2013. As Apple claimed it re-constructed the entire look and feel of the device. The vibrant colors looks eye catching on iOS 7. We can say it is more polished now. Although, by now most of you would have had a hands on experience […]

Google Latitude’s alternative – “Find My Friend” App on iDevice

  Google Latitude, Google’s long running location-service application will be retired on 9th August 2013. Although this feature will be available only on Android devices within the Google+ application, it will no longer be available for iOS devices. People using this app will have to move over to the various available tracking apps on iOS. […]

Control 3rd-party app’s access to iOS apps – iPhone

  We talked about the access of connected sites to Gmail account and controlling the access to the online profiles, now lets see how to control access to your iOS apps. Whether it is iPhone, iPod or iPad, the privacy feature of iOS is very useful to manage various 3rd-party app’s access to the iOS […]

Control the access to your online profiles using this iPhone app

  In the previous article I showed how can we see the apps/sites which have access to Google account profile. The ‘MyPermissions’ app on iPhone helps  to keep track of all the apps and sites that have access to your online profiles such as, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Dropbox, Flickr, FourSquare. The app’s interface is […]

7 Minutes & Nutrition tips

                With the busy work schedules it gets difficult to keep up with the exercise routine.  For all the busy bees, this app will help you stick to the basic exercise that your body needs. Published in NYTimes, this scientifically proven 12 exercises gives your body all the […]

Call friends via Facebook app on iPhone

  We chat, view the latest photos, see the latest happenings in our friends life on Facebook. Do you know that we can even call and talk with friends over Facebook. In one of the receint updates Facebook have enhanced its chat application with voice call. Follow these simple steps – 1. Open the Facebook […]