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The most awaited iOS 7 upgrade arrived on 18th Sep 2013. As Apple claimed it re-constructed the entire look and feel of the device. The vibrant colors looks eye catching on iOS 7. We can say it is more polished now.

Although, by now most of you would have had a hands on experience on it, but I will briefly touch on the new features that have come along with the release.

Control Center

With iOS7, apple introduced the Control Center. It is set of features that you can quickly access from any screen on the phone. To get the Control Center just SWIPE-UP on any screen. The features included are – Wifi, Bluetooth, Do not Disturb, Portrait Orientation Lock, Brightness adjuster, Music Player, search light, stop watch, calculator and camera.

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iMessage Updates

On the Apple’s messaging app when tap on the SEND button the message will flip back of the writing panel and then gets send. It does shows how detailed Apple have gone to redesign the OS.

There’s more to it, in a conversation the start date and the time will be above the first chat. However if u wish to see the time of all the messages sent and received then just hold the message and drag it to your left.

Previously the EDIT button was on the top left corner but it’s gone in IOS7. So, if u wish to edit delete the message the tap the message and hold if for few seconds, a popup showing Copy,More… will appear. Tap on More to delete the messages. You can also send the tapped message via mail or even start a new conversation with the same person or someone.

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The bookmarks in Safari now comes with a cascade 3D effect, with actual webpage display.  Few features in the settings have been renamed and few newly added. Previously know ‘Private Browsing’ is now ‘Do not track’. ‘Password and AutoFill’ has Credit Cards as well. You can add in the details of your credit cards.

Email, Message, Twit or post it on Facebook directly from Safari. Whenever and wherever you want to share a webpage, just tap on the ‘square-arrow’ button and share it.

The search box is removed, instead the search can be done directly in the address bar. Type in and it will autofill the content/web address.

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Contact Blocking

Finally with iOS7 you can block the contact. Go to Contacts -> Select the contact you want to block -> press the (i) information icon -> scroll down and tap on ‘Block this Caller’. This will block the call as well as it will block the SMS and Facetime requests.

Saving Battery power

When I upgraded to iOS7 on my iPhone 4S, it some how started consuming the batter unusually high. With much investigation I found out the feature call ‘Background App Refresh’. Go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh, here you can find all the apps that are set to refresh its data when you are performing some task on the device or even when you are not using the phone. To save the battery power  turn off the app for which you think that the background refresh is not needed.

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Camera have now in-built shooting formats – videos, square, panorama and still. The contrast and texture of the photo can be selected before taking the picture.


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