Store and View Maps Offline on iPhone [Google Maps]


Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps  – among all these Google Maps would be the most used maps app on any smart phone. Be it iPhone iOS, Android, Google maps is used for getting to a place or checking out at a restaurant or just browsing a new place. But the access to Google maps on-the-go requires lots of data, especially for navigation.

There are many apps on iPhone which can allow navigation offline. CityMaps2Go and Sygic are one of those which can be used offline for navigation purpose. But the main drawback of these apps is that the occupy a huge memory space on the iPhone. Also, for every city you have to download the corresponding map which again takes another few MBs of your memory space. Well, on iPhone memory is a big constrain especially when we know that the no external memory can be added to the iPhone.

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Google Maps already had this offline storage of the maps on Android, but recently it has extended the offline view feature to iOS users as all. The offline Google Maps feature becomes very handy in order to avoid unnecessary usage of the memory space.

Follow the below steps to save the map offline on Google maps.

1.   Go to the desired place on the Google Maps and drop a pin at the spot.

To drop a pin just tap and hold at the spot for few seconds.


2. Tap on the ‘Dropped Pin’ and you will see the below screen.


3. Click on the ‘Save map to use offline’ and give name to your offline map.


4. That’s it. The map is saved for offline usage.


Now, to view the saved map offline, just go to the spot and you will be able to see the map as it was saved.



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