Stay private using email forwarding with Gmail alias


Shhhhhhhh….!!! Don’t share your private email address..!!!

I bet you would have heard this lot of time. Well, it is true; you cannot reveal your private email address to every other person you meet.  Keeping your email private is the most important thing in today’s connected world. But what if you met someone over the lunch and have to give the private email address or accidently you have shared the email address. You will then have to block the sender’s email in your mailbox. Gmail Alias can help you avoid these kinds of situations.

What is Gmail alias?

Gmail has this cool feature to create an alias of your existing email address. It is also called the ‘.’ and ‘+’ feature of Gmail. For example, the email address is Now, Gmail delivers the incoming mails to all the below addresses to the inbox of ‘ethan hunt’ –                                                                                        

So, basically Gmail ignores the dot and treats all of the above aliases as same and delivers the mail to the single inbox of ‘ethan hunt’.

Similar to the dot, you can also use the plus sign like stated below –                                                

What you see above is that Gmail ignores anything after the + sign and before @. The good thing about using the plus sign in your mail is you can give to a collogue or use to forward yourself the favorite recipe or impress someone special by giving the or share the to someone you don’t want to share the email address but have no choice (non = no need).

Before giving away these email addresses to anyone make sure you create labels in Gmail for each of these email addresses and create a filter to direct the incoming mails to the respective folders. Doing this you can eventually organize your mails in Gmail.

Gmail alias is a very interesting feature which is easy to manage. If you have created specific labels/folders for the alias you can easily classify  all the mails as junk or delete all at one go.

How to forward mails to your office/private mailbox

Let’s get to the point. So, how can you receive mails to your private inbox without sharing the email address?

1. Open the Settings of your Gmail and go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

2. Click Add a forwarding address and put in your private email address. But keep the Disable forwarding checked ON.





3. Gmail will send you a confirmation mail to your private inbox and the mail will also contain an 8 digit number for confirmation. Complete the confirmation.



The next step is to create a filter.

1. Open Filter option under Settings.

2. Add your Gmail address with the alias +work in the To section.




3. Click on Continue to go to the next window.



4. Select Forward it to: and your private email address from the dropdown.


Now, any mail that you get in your Gmail with an alias +work will be forwarded to your private mail`s inbox. Should you get unwanted mail in your private mailbox just go to Gmail and remove the filter.


Tip :- In addition to forwarding the incoming email, when creating the filter in Gmail Settings you can also select a unique label/folder to move the mail to that folder by bypassing the Inbox.




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