Share documents across divices – Google Drive


Tired of carrying a portable drive to share your documents, use Google Drive to access files/folders/documents across multiple devices. Edit the document on your PC / laptop and store it on the local Google Drive folder on your PC , view/edit it across all the devices.

With Google drive you can collaborate your files with others, update and share of the documents in realtime,  invite your friends / colleagues to view documents, if you are traveling and forgot a document then as your colleague to upload it to Drive and start using/editing it.

How to Setup Google Drive 

1. Go to and login with you Google account.

2. Start creating documents.



To setup the Google drive on your PC / Laptop –

3. Click on ‘Download Drive for PC’ and follow the simple steps of installation.

4. Once the setup is completed a ‘Google Drive’ folder will be created on you C: drive.

5. Now, if you copy /paste any file in the Google drive or any of its sub folders then it get sync with ‘Google Drive Web’, and vise-versa.




Download the Google Drive App on your phone and follow the simple steps for setup. Start accessing your Google Drive documents / folders on your phone.




That’s it. Share editing , sharing and collaborating.