Search mails efficiently on Gmail

Searching for an old mail!!! Couldn’t find it!!! Use any one of the below commands!!!

Sometime back I shared the keyboard shortcuts that you can use to navigate faster on Gmail. Its important to know some of the important search commands. So, today I give you that search commands to find mails quickly on the Gmail.


1) If you are searching a mail send by someone then use the below command,

from: <name>

Put the name of the sender in <name>. It need not be the full name, just the first, middle or last name will work. For, example if it is ‘RBC ROYAL BANK CANADA’ then you can search with ‘from:rbc’. This will fetch you all the mails received from ‘RBC ROYAL BANK CANADA’.

2) If you are searching a mail send by someone but having only attachment then use the below command,

from:<name> has:attachment

Even better, if you remember the exact attachment name then use the below command,

3) To search a mail with particular words then use the below command,

from:rbc (statement or letter)

4) To search a mail in a specific folder then use the below command,

in:spam from:rbc


in:anywhere from:rbc

<anywhere> will search the mail in All Mail, Trash, and Spam.

5) To search for messages that are starred, unread, or read use the below command,

is:read is:starred is:unread from:rbc

6) To search for a mail of a particular size use the below command,


This will fetch mails which are greater than 1mb. Note, you need to specify the size in bytes.

7) Another way to search on the basis of mail size is,


This will fetch all messages atleast 10 mb in size.


Above I listed some of the command that I use frequently. To check more such commands click here.