Remind others by sharing your reminder note


Forgot to pick up milk on the back to home, forgot to tell your friend to get that movie DVD, or forgot to remind your wife to make a special dish she promised :-). Wished for a personal assistant to keep a track of your to-dos, isn’t it? Busy life may distract you and make you forget small but important things.

With smart phones getting smarter every month, there are many apps to help you remind. Apple reminder app is a good example of it. But did has few limitations like you cannot share it with other and it not that user friendly that I would expect it to be. Well talking about sharing reminders, did you every had a need to remind someone else of an important thing that you wanted him/her to do? I did and that’s where I went to the extend of finding an app that will serve two purpose – (1) a good self reminder (2) make me share my reminders with other whom I want to remember things for me.

After a good research and few downloads I found an app for iPhone – Any.Do. This app surely can be as a replacement for iPhone reminder app. Any.Do has four reminder sections – Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming and Someday.


To add a new reminder or to-do task just swipe the screen down. You can either speak of the reminder, like you might have done for Siri, or do the traditional way- type.


Like any standard to-do or reminder app this one also allows you to set reminder time. You can also setup reminder on the basis of location. This is called Geofence technology. Using the location of where you are or where you will be the reminder can be activated. You can even set to repeat the reminder once a day, week , month or year.


You can put in some notes for the reminder, for example a list of items to purchase once you reach the grocery store.


Create folder to organize the reminders, for example put all the reminders related to grocery in one folder, to-dos related to work in the work folder, and so on.


Now, here is the feature which I like the most – Choose Friends. You can share your reminder with friends and family. It can be used to remind friends for the weekend get-together or just reminder someone to pick you up on the way to office. Especially, for people with family a single reminder shared can be useful for the family members to remember the important task. For example, an appointment with the doctor can be shared between a husband and wife.

One there should be noted that the person with whom you are sharing the reminder should also have Any.Do. And the only drawback that I saw her is that if you have setup time for the reminder and then shared it with a friend, then the friend will not receive the time that you have set for the reminder. He/She have to put in the desired time of reminder. Well, in a way it is good because your friend may want the reminder to pop up earlier or later to the time that you have set.



Remind using iPhone Calendar. The same concept of sharing and reminding people of the to-dos can also be achieved using the iPhoneès Calendar app. This feature of the calendar app is called Invitees. If you have used Outlook calendar for setting up meetings and inviting colleagues, the same concept have been introduced for Calendar app with iOS7. So, after setting up the meeting invite , tap on the invitees icon and select the people whom you want to be reminded of the task. The good thing about using Calendar as a means of reminder is that the time that you have set is also shared across to the invitees.


So, use Any.Do or the Calendar app on iPhone and never forget anything. Let me know how did you find this article and if you have more to share on this topic.


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