Open the search results in a new tab window by default


We use search engines to almost everything and anything that we want to know in the world. Sometimes, people don’t even take an effort to type the site’s URL in the address bar and directly go to or or or Yup, we have become so mush used to searching rather than remembering. All credit goes to the most famous search engines , and

So, what happens if we search for something important and click on any of the search results? The result’s site opens on the same tab as that of the search results. Now, if the opened site is interesting then we cascade through more links. This makes the original search page disappear and the search page goes 10 or 15 page back. If we want to go back to the search page then there are two options – (1) go back 10 pages on the browser (2) do a fresh search again. If we do a fresh search again then we may forget the keyword with which we searched earlier.

The solution to these back and forth page navigation is to open the search result on new tab. In this way our search result is intake and we can always refer back it when needed. One way of doing it is by the right click method, that is, right click on the result link –> select ‘open link in new tab’. It can also be achieved without right click. A simple setup in any search engine’s settings can do the work. Read further to know about this setup for the most used search engines.

 Setup for Google

1)      Open

2)      Click on settings icon and select Search Settings.


3)      Scroll down and select the option ‘Open each selected result in a new browser window’.


4)      Save the settings.

Setup for Bing

1)      Open

2)      Click on the settings icon.


3)      On the settings page, select ‘Web’.

4)      On the Web options under Results select ‘Open links in a new browser window’.


5)      Save the settings


Setup on Yahoo

1)      Open and search for the desired stuff.

2)      Once on the search results page click on the settings icon and select Preferences


3)      Drop down the ‘Open search results’ options and select ‘In new tab’.


4)      Save the settings


The good thing about this search engine based setting is that, the setup itself is retained even if you change the browser. Google and Yahoo keep the search settings associated to your ID intact. But Bing, I noticed, do not carry the settings associated with an ID to a different browser. So, choose which searching is the best suitable for you.


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