How to Archive / Delete mails – iPhone


You can choose to Archived or Deleted mails on iPhone’s built-in mail application. On any mail, if you swipe you finger from left to right then the option for archive or delete shows up. But did you ever thought why on some mailbox setup only Delete option appears and on some other mailbox only Archive option appears? Like, for a Yahoo mailbox setup you will get ‘delete’ option where as for Gmail mailbox setup you can get both, archive and/or delete.



So, if you select Archive on Gmail then the mail will be moved to ‘All Mail’ folder, were as Delete will completely delete it. Whereas on Yahoo you don’t will not get an option of Archive, because in Yahoo there is no ‘All mail’ folder. Well, there is always an option in Yohoo to Archive you mails, but that can be done to a custom created folder.

How to change the Archive / Delete Setup – Gmail mailbox

On your iPhone, to change the Archive / Delete setup on Gmail mailbox follow the below steps –

1. Go to Settings

2. Open ‘Mails, Contacts, Calenders’

3. Select your Gmail mailbox


4. Now you will see an option of ‘Archive Messages’ – Switch it ON if you want to move the mails to ‘All Mails’ folder,  AND switch if OFF if you want to delete mails permanently.

That’s it. Manage your mails with these simple steps.