Manage Bookmarks on Safari for iPhone


Bookmarks, the most widely used item of any browser. A traditional paper bookmark is used to mark the page start reading the book from where you left last time. Similarly, a web bookmark also helps to revisit the webpage to read it from where you left. The history of web bookmarks goes back to the invention of the very first browser, Mosaic, in the year 1993. One feature of a browser that haven’t changed in many years is Web Bookmark. A web bookmark helps to store our favorite site’s link and benefits to revisit it just with a click.


Today we will talk about how to manage bookmarks on one of the most used mobile browser, Safari for iPhone.


How to add a bookmark in Safari

1. Open Safari and your desired webpage.



2. Click on the Share icon at the bottom  of the window. This will give you to list of items where you can share the link – Mail, Message, Twitter, Facebook, Print, Copy, Bookmark, Add to Reading List.


3. Click on Bookmark.

4. Next Edit the name of the link to keep it to the one that you can recognize it easily for future visit.



5. By default the link is stored into the ‘Bookmark’ folder. If you want it to be in a different folder then choose by clicking on the ‘bookmark’ folder option.


6. Once done, Save it.



To see all the links which are bookmarked, click on the bookmark icon at the bottom of the Safari window, its a small ‘open book’ like icon.


How to create a folder under the root folder ‘Bookmark’

1. In Safari click on the bookmark icon.

2. Click ‘Edit’ button, which is at the bottom left corner.

3. At the bottom right corner you can see the ‘New Folder’. Click it.



4. Add the Folder title and select the parent folder by clicking the ‘folder option’

5. I created ‘Tech How To’ folder.


How to move the links to the desired bookmark folder

1. In Safari click on the bookmark icon and then click the Edit button.


2. Select the bookmark which you want to move to a different folder.

In the below example, I will move the bookmark of ‘Technek’ to the ‘Tech How To’ folder.



3. Click on the ‘Bookmarks’ folder option.

4. Select the folder you want the bookmark to be moved into.




How to Delete a bookmark

1. Go to the ‘Edit’ mode in the bookmark folder.

2. Click on the red circular ‘minus’ icon on the left of the link.


3. The ‘Delete’ button appears. Click it to delete the bookmark.


Safari also come with a reading list. Something like bookmark but can be used to list the links/pages which you need to add for future reading. To do so, follow the below steps –

1. In Safari, click on the share icon.

2. Select ‘Add to Reading List’.


To access the items under the reading list, follow the below steps –

1. In Safari, click on the Bookmark icon.

2. Select the ‘Reading list’ option to see all the items marked under reading list.




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