Leave a group conversation on Facebook


Facebook is a good place to build groups or to be a part of existing groups. But sometimes it becomes annoying when you start receiving the messages for a conversation that you don’t want to be in or you want to leave the conversation permanently. I recently faced the same situation. The only thing that I wanted to was to avoid further messages from that conversation and I did saw may of the members of that group asking  ‘exclude me from the list’. So, rather to wait for someone to exclude my name from the conversation list, I decided to leave the conversation myself. Here’s how you can do it too by following few simple setup steps.

1. Open your Facebook account and go to the group conversation that you want to leave.


2. Click the Actions drop down menu and click ‘Leave Conversation’


3. You will be notified with the confirmation. Click ‘Leave Conversation’. You will not longer receive conversation’s messages and all other members will be notified that you have left the conversation.


Although you have left the conversation the messages still remain in your inbox. You could either delete the entire conversation or archive it for future reference.

4. To delete the conversation, click the Actions drop down again and click the ‘Delete Conversation’ and confirm the deletion. To archive the conversation click the ‘Archive’ option.


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