Ignore an email conversation in Gmail


We receive lots of email every hour , like spams, forum updates, conversations, advertisements, etc. Did you ever lost interest in reading an email conversation which is ongoing for days but still wants to receive it. If yes, then there is a way in Gmail to temporarily ignore the conversation.

This Gmail feature is call ‘mute’. The good thing about this feature is that by muting a conversation it will not delete it. Instead, you will not longer receive the mail in your inbox, but it will go directly to you archive folder, that is ‘all mail’ folder. Thus you will no longer be notified in your inbox about that mail conversation. Another good attribute of this feature is that the notification will popup in your inbox only if the mail is addressed to you and only you.

Here’s how you can mute a conversation.

1. Go to Gmail Inbox and select the annoying mail conversation.

2. Click on the ‘More’ drop down and click Mute.

Remember, you can mute a mail conversation only in the Inbox.


3. Once muted the mail will be moved to the archive folder.


How to un-mute the conversation.

1. Just select the muted mail. If you are not able to find the mail then type ‘is: mute‘ in the search bar of Gmail and this will give you the list of all the muted mails.

2. Select ‘More‘ drop down menu and click ‘unmute


That’s it. Enjoy this simple yet rarely used feature of Gmail.



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