How to type fast – basic skill for a blogger


Do you use only two or three fingers to type on your laptopès keyboard? Do you often have to look at the keyboard to know if you are pushing the correct alphabet key? Lastly, does your blogging career require you to spend more time on the laptop and write good content? 


If your answer to any of the question is YES, then you need know how to type fast. Yes, typing is a skill like swimming that builds up as you practice and learn more. Typing fast is the basic skill that any blogger must have in order to concentrate on the content of the article without worrying on which alphabetès key is been pressed on the keyboard. Why? Because when any blogger or writer starts typing on an article it is important that his/her fingers type as fast as the thoughts emerging in the brain.

If you are thinking why am I writing about such a basic activity that we do every day? Then, let me tell you that I have seen my colleagues, friends, seniors who are much educated and smart often struggle to pushing the right alphabet key on the laptop. Its not that they dont know where is the key they are looking for but its it the extra effort, even for a second, which they have to put in to find the key and push it. Instead, had they learned typing fast then they wont even have to look at the keyboard when typing. Well, atleast thatès what I do. Yes, I have build up the skill of typing fast.

I was fortunate that I had a typing subject in my 12th grade. I had to compulsory go for the typing classes and get an hands on experience on the type writer. Yes, you heard it, it was those days when a PC was almost not available  and we had to learn typing on a manual type writer. Yup, it was not even automatic. We had to manually insert those sheet of A4 sized papers in to the type writer, start typing and slid it to move to an another end. Something like you see it in the below video. Well, as I said that I was fortunate to learn typing at that early stage of life and that is helping me now.

Some journalist and some of the writers do use those type writers even  now. Those type writers are not out-of-date and people do still use it to write. Some are so obsessed that they dont want to type on a laptop or a PC. Learning typing on a manual or automatic typewriter is the best way to learn typing and can help to build a fast typing skill. If you are interested in doing so than you need a typewriter and a typing guide. Follow the below links to get a type writer and the guide book.

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Well, said so far. I am not sure how many would actually wants to have a hands-on on a manual/auto typewriter. But I am sure that bloggers/people around the world who spends most of their time in front of a laptop or PC would be interested in learning it online. There are many ways and I will guide you through them in the following part of this article.


Typing is a skill in which each of the 10 fingers is trained to push only a certain set of keyboard keys. If you are a Google Chrome fan then Typing Club app is the one for your. The app starts sharing the basic sessions on which finger to be used for which keyboard’s key and than takes you through the practice session so that your fingers gets used to pressing only those keys. As you start gaining the skill the session levels start getting advance and tougher.  Another such web based app is TypingWeb Typing Tutor.


Well, when you get good amount of confidence and want to try your typing skills then try the app Typing Game. Similar apps are available on Firefox as well.


If you dont want to spend time online apps and want to go away from the internet to learn typing then there are good and cheap software also available which can be installed on the laptop or PC in order to be used later whenever you have time. One of the highest selling software on Amazon is the one by Mavis Beacon and Typing Master. However, if you are looking for some other software then click here.

All right, remember typing is a skill essential not only for blogger for anyone who spends more time on a laptop then anything else. It is a skill which needs to be developed gradually and can be mastered with practice. Enjoy your typing!!!

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