How to take screenshot on Note 3 Android 4.3


Taking a screen shot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could be the most important for a blogger or a technical writer. There are four different ways to take a screen shot on Note 3.

First – the default method


On any smart phone, be it an iOS device, a Symbian, a Windows, the default method is using the shutdown and the home button. Similarly, on Note 3 a screen shot can be taken by holding these two buttons for 1 to 2 seconds. With a click sound the screen will flash and Saving Screenshot will appear on the top of the screen. The screen shot will be saved in Screenshots album under Photos.

Second – Moving the Palm


Before using the palm to take the screen we need to make the device recognize the palm moment. To do this tap on Apps -> Settings -> Controls -> Palm Motion, switch it ON, tap on it -> Capture Screen , switch it ON. Not the device is ready to recognize the moment of palm. So, place the palm on the right of the device and gently move it to the left. The device will capture the screen shot and store it on the Screeshots album. Well, initially I was also not able to get the exact speed of the palm so that device recognized it, but within 2 to 3 attempts I got it.

Third – S-Pen tap


The third way is using the S-pen. But before we dig in, let me tell one small fact. Do you know that most of the purchases of Note 3 is because people wants to use the S-pen. Samsung have really enhanced the functioning of the stylus pen. So, to take a screen shot with it just press the small button on the pen and without releasing it tap it on the screen. The screenshot will be immediately taken and stored.

Fourth – Screen Write


The last method is using the Screen Write option using the S-Pen. Point the S-pen on the screen and press the button to get the Air Command option. Select the Screen Write option. As the option selected the device will take the screen shot of the entire screen, but will not store it. It will keep the screen as it is but in edit mode, allowing us to edit, share and store the screen using the pen.


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