How to swipe and delete emails on Inbox app by Google

Google’s Inbox app makes it more simple to categories and track the emails. To a much extent the Inbox app is better then the Gmail app. It does everything like the Gmail app but faster. Well, this on this article I dont want to compare Gmail app to the Inbox app. But to give you a quick tip for the Inbox app that makes to delete or archive the emails just with a swipe.

When you first use the Inbox app, by swiping the email notification to your right, the email will be done. However, there is a setting and using it you can directly move the email to trash. Follow the below 4 steps to do the setup –

  1. Open the Settings of the Inbox app. This can be done by tapping the top left icon of the app and scrolling to the bottom.IMG_5630(1)
  2. Once in Settings, select the email address (if you have registered more then one address) for which you want to have this setup.IMG_5631
  3. On the next screen, select the very first option When removing messages, I prefer to…IMG_5632
  4. On this last screen, select Move to trash optionIMG_5633


Thats it. Now you can swipe the emails to right and move it to trash. Enjoy the Inbox App.

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