How to stop Facebook game requests


Sometimes it becomes unpleasant when you see more of the game requests then friends updates on the Facebook. As the number of games increases, so does the number of people taking interest in it.  Frankly, I joined Facebook to get in touch with my friends with whom I have lost the touch. But somehow I feel that Facebook is slow loosing the aspect of ‘being social’. I want to see more updates from my friends rather then the game requests.

If you are feeling exactly the same way that I am then here’s some good news. Facebook have a feature by which you can block the request coming for an application or game. Its simple and quick to setup.

1. Click on the notification icon on the top menu of Facebook.

2. Click on the ‘Settings’. You can see on the top right corner of the drop down section.



3. This will take you to the ‘notifications’ settings page. Click on the mention option ‘Block’ (just above notifications)



4. Over here you can either block a ‘user’, ‘event invites’, ‘app invites’ or ‘app’.

5. If you don’t want to see any thing related to the app or game then just block the entire app and to do this type in the name of the app (say, Farm Ville) in the Block Apps and press Enter.


That’s it. Going ahead you will not receive any notification related to Farm Ville.


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