How to shutdown Windows 8


Windows 8 was launched in 2012 and the internet community started spreading how different it was from the traditional or classic interface which the world was familiar with. Microsoft have given the interface of a tablet on the PC/Laptop. People had varied views about the new operating system, some liked it and few hated it. I remembered when my colleague expressed his hands-on experience on Win 8 – “I purchased a new Intel-5 with Windows 8 and I went mad finding the start button. Forgot about the start button, for 5 min I couldn’t find the desktop. You need to drag the mouse at different corners of the screen to get windows functions. Its like a tablet in a laptop. Why…!!”

Well I am sure that you also might have similar feelings about your first time hands-on on Win 8. These type of reviews held me back go for Win 8, until my laptop’s screen broke and I had to buy a new one. Yup it was a Intel-7 with Win 8. I set it up, browsed few sites, saw few videos on Youtube and then said ‘where is the shutdown button…!!’. I did it the classic way, Alt+F4. Here are some tips on how to shutdown Win 8.

The Charms menu

The charms menu can be brought up at any time. Take the mouse pointer the extreme top-right or bottom-right corner and you will see a charms menus sliding out from the right of the screen. Click on Settings.


Once on the Settings sub panel, click on the power button. There you have your shutdown, restart and sleep options.


Microsoft missed a simple user requirement to keep the shutdown button on the desktop. Well, there is a way out for this. You can have the shutdown button on desktop.


Go to desktop and right click to navigate to New –> Shortcuts. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32 and select the .exe file shutdown. Then Click next. Key-in the options /s /t 0


Give a name for the shortcut. This will create a shortcut of shutdown exe file on the desktop. New select a familiar icon for the shortcut. To do this right click on the shortcut icon and go to Properties -> Change Icon. Select the shutdown button icon. That’s it, now whenever you want to shutdown, double click the shortcut.


You can pin this shortcut either to the task bar or to the windows start.


Power Button

Another way to shutdown the system is by changing the laptop’s power button function. By default the power button’s function is to Sleep the system. You can change it to shutdown the system.

Hover the mouse pointer to bottom-right of the screen to get the charms menu. Click on Settings -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options -> System Settings.


Under the ‘Power button and lid settings’ for the option ‘When  I press the power button:’ select ‘Shutdown’ from the drop down menu. Click Save changes. Now whenever you press the power button on the laptop the system will shutdown.


Similarly, you can also change the settings when you close the laptop’s lid.

Dos prompt

While using the earlier versions of Windows shutting down was easy, or rather I should say that we knew where will be shutdown button even though the windows version change. This is a reason why the Dos prompt option may not have been explored.

Hover the mouse pointer to the bottom-left corner and right click. Select Run. Type CMD and press enter. Type shutdown.exe /? on the command prompt and press enter. This will give you all the options that can be used for the Shutdown command.


To do force shutdown, type shutdown.exe /f  /s. This will force close all the running applications and shuts the system.

You can even type the same command on the Run box – shutdown -f -s.


Classic approach

The good thing about Windows 8 is that it still retains the classic approach for shutdown – Alt+F4, Alt+Control+Delete and Logoff & Shutdown.


Having know all the different above tips and approaches to shutdown the Win 8 system, do let me know if you know any approach to shutdown Win 8 which is not mentioned above.


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