How to set reminder using Geofence on iPhone


iPhone’s location based services can be utilized to notify yourself when you arrive or leave any particular location. This location based feature of iPhone is called Geofence. Think Geofence as a virtual or imaginary boundary of a location, which can be setup on a location-aware application allowing the user to notify when he/she enters or leaves the location. Geofence can also be used to notify someone`s device using the location -aware application when you enter or leave the location.

No data is required for geofence services. Location Services uses a cascade rollover technique. First, it looks for a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot of a known location. Later, if the device has a cellular radio, it will try triangulating from cell towers. Finally, if the device needs more accuracy, or can’t find a hotspot or cell tower, it will turn on the GPS radio for a better fix. However, it is a combination of software and hardware, and their integration.

Lets see how it can be useful in the real world. You can setup a reminder to buy something special next time you visit the mall, setup a reminder to post that important letter when you leave home, it can be as simple as to check on to carry the sunglasses/watch/wallet when you leave house, ask the banker on a query related to your credit card when you pass by the bank next time or remind you to say goodbye to a colleague when you leave office. There can be many such usage of geofence based reminders.

Geofence feature is available on iPhone 4 or later, iOS 6 is recommended with the reminder app. Lets see how to setup the geofence reminder.


1. Open the Reminders app on the iPhone and click on the `+` sign to set a new reminder.


2. Once you have entered the reminder note, switch ON the `Remind Me At a Location`.  Once done your current location will be displayed below.

3. Click it go change to a different location. You can even select the location address from your contacts.


4. Next, select `When I Leave`or `When I Arrive`. We will select `When I Leave` for our example

5. Click the Done button to complete the setup. The setup should look like below when you are done.


You will see an outlined GPS arrow on the top status bar, which indicates that the Geofenceing is switched ON.

So, now when I leave the location the device will show the reminder like given below. Generally, the minimum boundary for any location is 100m. You can increase or decrease the boundary. So, you will have to go away from location more than 100 m to see the reminder flash.



The Location based services consumes lot of Battery power. The more frequently you use these services the sooner your battery will drain out. But, my personal observation is that Geofence based apps consumes less battery then GPS apps. Well, to be on a safer side keep a charger handy all the time.


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