How to find connected sites, apps to Google account


Do you want to know where all you have given your Gmail address for registration purpose? Gmail being very widely used email service is the more used for registering into other sites, apps or services. And one can easily loose track on these services. Follow the below steps o see where all you have used Gmail account.


1. Open Gmail.

2. Go to Inbox.

3. At the bottom right corner of the screen you will see ‘Last account activity:’. Click on the ‘Details’ link of it. This will take you to a page like shown below. It will list the last 10 Access Types from where you have accessed your Gmail account, the corresponding country and IP address, and the check-in time and duration.


Acct Activity

4. Try to locate the Access Type – Authorized Application and click on its ‘Show Details’. This will expand to reveal more details on the access type.

5. Click on ‘Manage Account Access’. This will open the window which looks like below. This will list all the services where the Gmail address is used for registration. Whether it is a phone app or web site or web app service, it will show it all.

NOTE – You can also go to the ‘Authorized Access page’ by clicking here. OR Go to Google Accounts Settings –> Security –> Connected Applications and sites ‘review permissions’.

Acct Activity_2

6. If you want to remove or unregister the access of any of the above service/apps just click the button ‘Revoke Access’.

That’s it. Keep browsing !!