How to see all the liked pages on Facebook


More than 1.10 billion users, approximately 50+ million pages, Facebook, the most widely used social network site on the globe. Not only close and far off friends, everyone in the connected world have a Facebook profile. With 50+ million pages, it is almost like an internet in itself, every small and big organization have a Facebook page.

In the past so many years, since I have created my Facebook profiles, I have liked many pages and their posts. Sometimes I get more post and updates from these pages then the updates from my friends, and always wanted to unlike few of the pages. I couldn’t find any option in the settings to see the list of liked pages but got the list when searched for the liked pages.


Here’s how you can see the list of liked pages.


1. Open your Facebook and type ‘ My Liked Pages’ in top search box.




2. The option of ‘My Liked Pages’ will appear, click it. It will show the list of all the liked pages. Start to unlike the page that you don’t need anymore.



3. If you hover the mouse pointer over any of the listed page, there will be two options displayed – Photos and Likers.

Photos – will list the photos posted by the page.

Likers – will list the list of people who have liked the page.




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