How to secure Facebook from unknown access


I must admit it that, I learned the lesson after my Facebook account got hacked. I generally access Facebook on my phone. Last week when I tapped on the blue FB app it asked me to enter my password. Which was unusual for me and even after entering the password it didn’t accept.  I tired it on my laptop, but there also it didn’t accept the password, so I immediately reset my password. As I logged in I saw that my name is changed, that’s it I came to know that my FB has been hacked. I don’t know how it happened, when and who did it. Even, my wife when saw that her husbands name is not that it used to be on FB she was surprised too.

Well, I changed my name and checked all other details on the profile, the photos, friends list, everything. To my surprise 90% of my friends were missing from my friends list. If you too have been through the same situation then read further.

We don’t change our name every month and update it on the social networking sites. So I didn’t know where to change the name. But ultimately I got it and here’s how to change the name.

1. Click on the settings button on the Facebook.

2. Click on Account Settings.


3. On the Account Settings page, click Edit for Name section and change your name.


Well, when ever you find that your FB account is hacked than it means that someone somewhere have access to your FB page. This concludes few things – (a) your password is easy to break (b) you do not have strong security settings (c) you use a common password across more than one site on the net. Remember, FB stores your personal information, from the day you were born to the person whom you are married to and what you do everyday or week or month, your likes and dislikes, your contact details, and many other things. It is fun to be on FB , to read through the news feeds but it is more important to secure the access of FB.

So, let’s touch up on some of the important security features, especially to control the access of your FB account on any other devices other than the one that you use.

The easiest way and the most simple is to get notifications on your mobile phone. FB can notify you by sending a message on your phone whenever you account is accessed from an new device. And to make is more secure, FB sends a code on you mobile along with the notification. This code you need to put it in the on the device FB page and after successful verification the FB page can be accessed. This applies to you as well, if you try to access your FB page from a friends laptop. To add this extra level of security follow the below steps.

First, you need to add in your mobile number.

1. On you FB click on the Settings icon, the one on the top right corner.

2. Select Account Settings.

3. Select Mobile form the left menu items.

4. Click on Add a mobile phone number. It will ask you to reenter your FB password.

5. Step 1 is to select the country and the carrier.


6. Step 2, FB will ask you to send a ‘F’ to 32665 via a SMS. (remember this 5 digit number may change as per the country chosen).

7. You will then receive a code from FB , which should be entered in the ‘confirmation code‘ box. Remember, your phone number is very sensitive data and must not be shared at all. So, uncheck the checkbox – (a) Share my phone number with my friends (b) Allow friends  to text me from Facebook.


Now, as the phone number have been entered lets look as how to used it for secured access.

1. Click on the Security from the left menu.

2. Select Login Notifications. Select Text message/Push notification. If you want the an email to be sent to you along with the text message then select Email. Click on Save Changes.


3. Select Login Approvals.

4. Select Require a security code  to access my account from unknown browsers. Save the changes.


5. Select Code Generator and Enable it.


From now onwards whenever you FB is accessed from a new/unknown device you will be notified via a SMS on your mobile along with the security code. The FB can be opened only when the security code is entered and successfully verified on the new device.

Along with the above given procedure also do the below to add another layer of security, using Secure Browsing – Select Secure Browsing and enable it.


So, if you click  on the Recognized  Devices, you could see the list of devices on which the access of your FB have been approved.


Also, keep an eye on the Active Sessions. It will show you the current and past sessions when the FB was accessed. The session information is based on the Device Name, Location and Device type.

Few of the other features that you might want to look into is ‘Who can contact me?’. To set it, click on the Privacy from the left menu and then click on ‘Who can contact me?’.It is always good to keep Friends of Friends as the selected option from the drop down list.


Also, advisable to select Friends from the ‘Who can look me up?’. The next is Who can see my stuff? ,  select Friends for this option.

Please share your comments about the post and also if you have any further tips that are not mentioned above.



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