How to remove Facebook birthday events from appearing on iOS Calendar


The iOS calendar app is of good used, especially when you are using to schedule your daily events, meetings, tasks. If you are using it extensively then to see additional stuffs such as Birthday entries may also show up and which could consume more space on the limited phone screen. The worst thing is that most of the birthdays you may not want to know.

By default a social media app on your phone, like Facebook, will put all the birthday events on you iOS phone. On iOS you can set the default account from where the iOS calendar can be sync.

Set a default calendar

1) Navigate to Settings on your iOS device.

2) Tap on the Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

3) Scroll down and go to the Calendars section.


4) Select Default Calendar and select which one you want to be your default calendar.



Now, lets talk about how to remove Facebook events from appearing on iOS calender and there are two ways of doing it.

Setup from Facebook app’s settings

1) Navigate to Settings.

2) Scroll down and tap the Facebook.


3) Under the section which says ALLOW THESE APPS TO USE YOUR ACCOUNT turn off the Calendar option.


This will completely stop any Facebook events to be shown on the iOS calendar.


Setup from the Calendar App

1) Open the Calendar app on the iOS device.

2) At the bottom you will see Calendars. Select it.

3) Deselect the ID which you used for Facebook. Once done, refresh the Calendar app and the Birthdays will disappear.



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