How to read documents offline on Google Drive


Google drive on iOS allows you to read the documents even when the device is not connected to Internet. This feature becomes very useful when its required to read documents offline. Imagine, you come across an article on the web but have no time to read it. Simply copy the writeup to the Google drive and pin it for offline reading. Well, I am sure this feature will reduce you data usage on you iPhone/iPad. Lets take a look at how to create document for offline reading on iPhone.


1. Open Google drive and create a new document.


2. I came across a really good article on Geofence feature of iOS, but had no time to read it over the internet. So, I had to make is available offline on Google drive. To do this, I copied the entire content of the article and pasted to the Google drive document.


3. Once you have saved the document, go to the list of documents. Click the circular arrow on the right side of the document to see more option. Art18_3

4. For the Available Offline feature slide the button to switch it ON. You can access the documents from the OFFLINE folder. There will a pin displayed next to the document to notify that it is available offline and make it noticeable from the rest of the documents.



That’s it, no need to connect to internet, the document is available for you to read it offline.


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