How to print using Google Cloud Print


Do you get bored spending time installing your printer’s driver every time when you purchase new computer? Are you looking for an option to use the printer without installing driver multiple times on multiple computers?  Do you wish to access your printer from any device – be it a smart phone, tablet, Mac, friend’s PC? Do you use Google drive for storing your documents and want to  print a doc directly from the drive? Finally, did you loose the driver CD of your printer? If these are the questions that you are struggling with then Google Cloud Print is the answer.

What is Google Cloud Print?

As said by Google – “Google Cloud Print is a new technology that connects your printers to the web.”

Google Could Print allows you to hook up your personal printer to the internet and access it from multiple devices from anywhere and at anytime. This means, that next time you purchase a new computer all you have to do it to connect to the internet, access the printer linked to Google Cloud Print and print whatever you want. Isn’t that time saving!!

You need to use Google Chrome browser to access Google Cloud Print. Yes, this is a drawback that you cannot access/connect a printer via any other browser. It should be Chrome. Well, it not at all difficult to get the world #1 browser, after all you are getting flexible-printing.

So, lets go through the steps of connecting the printer to Google Cloud Print.

How to connect a printer to Google Cloud Print

Now a days printer comes Google Cloud Print enabled. That is the printer can automatically link itself to the Google Cloud. No manually setup required. But very few printers are enabled in such a way and these are the one latest released in the market. Printer companies like HP, EPSON, CANON are providing Google Cloud print enabled printers. To see the full list of such printers click –

But most of us have those classic printers which can connect to the internet via WiFi but need a computer to do printing tasks. These printers are not Cloud print enabled. Lets see how to connect a classic printer to the cloud.

Prerequisite for connecting a classic  –

1. Computer on which the printer driver is installed. The printer and computer should be ON.

2. Google Chrome browser.


Follow the below steps for connecting printer –

1. Open Google Chrome browser and sign in.

2. Click on Settings on the top right corner of the browser.

3. Scroll down and click on Show Advance Settings.

4. Scroll down to Google Cloud Print section and click Sign in to Google Cloud Print.

5. Sign in for Cloud print connector and select the printer that you want to be on the cloud. Click Add Printer(s).

Google Cloud print is enabled. Click on the Manage your printers for further information.


Where all the Google Cloud Print is accessible?

Now as you have your printer connected to Google Cloud print, you can print the Google drive documents directly from the drive without even downloading the documents. Google have Google Cloud Print Driver for Windows, using this you can print a document directly to the cloud printer. So, next time when you are at your friends place and want to print a document directly to your home printer then just upload the document to your Google drive and print. OR access the Google Cloud Print -> upload the file -> print. There is another way of doing this is by sharing your Google Cloud printer with your friend. To know more about sharing scroll down.

If you are using an Android device then Cloud Print App is available to access the Google cloud printer. The app allows to print local files directly to Google Cloud Printer including SMS, pictures, Facebook, Dropbox, Box, Mail and much more. The app help in managing the Google Cloud printers as well. Till date Google have this app only for Android devices and not for iOS. For iOS there is a third party app called PrintCentral Pro. Using this app you can access the Cloud printer directly.

Sharing the Google Cloud Printer

I recently purchased a Sony Vaio and was struggle to find my printer’s driver CD. Believe me, I couldn’t find it. Then I thought of using the sharing feature of Google Clout Print. I have two Google IDs. The 1st ID I use it on my old laptop on which the printer is installed. I have connected that printer to Google Cloud Print. The other, 2nd, Google ID I use it on my new Vaio. So, this is what I did for sharing the printer between the two IDs –

1. Log in to Google Cloud Print service and select the printer that you want to share.

2. Click Share from the menu.

3. In the popup window enter the Gmail email address of the invitee under ‘Invite people:’.

4. Select if the invitee should have a ‘manage’ access to the printer or just use it for printing purpose. Click Share


That’s it. Once the invited person accepts the invitation, the printer will be accessible for printer. Yup, this is exactly what I did and now I can print from my new Vaio without even installing the print driver.


Using Google Cloud Print gives me the feel of using completely new technology. It is a many to one relation – mobile, tablet, PC, laptop and one printer. If you are traveling and still want to print a important document for your family back at home then you just need an internet connection. All the family can use only single printer, no need to have a separate printer for each grownup of the family. You can even give access of your printer to your guests. It can be very beneficial when you have a virtual team spanning cities and even countries. These are the personal uses of Google Cloud Print. What if a government office gives access to its printer to the citizens!!! People can directly fill up the forms online and send a printout directly to the office printer. Even better, if any document was missed then just scan it and print it to the corresponding government departments printer. This can irradiate the use of FAX machines.

Well, the more we think of the more usefulness we can find. Overall, Google Cloud Print services is an excellent piece of online technology given to the audience and I feel that we should take advantage of it. What do you think?



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