How to play video in background on iOS7

Since the release of iOS7 playing videos in background is not possible when using the iOS video app. But using this simple trick we can play the video in background and continue doing other tasks or even lock the phone as well.

Well, there are two major ways through with people watch videos, the first and the easiest way is using Youtube. Many have written on how to listen Youtube videos in background. Check the article ‘How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background on your iPad and iPhone’ written by Digital Inspiration.

The second way is to download the video, convert it in iOS format and upload it to iPhone or iPad. With iOS6 we could still play the video in background and listen to its sound. With iOS 7 this option is no more available when playing the videos using the Video app of iOS 7. But, it is possible by using an app called Oplayer Lite.

Once you have downloaded the Oplayer Lite, follow the below steps.

1. Switch it ON.

2. The very first screen of the app is the File Servers. Select iPod Library.


3.  Pod Library will list all the Songs from the music library, Podcasts and videos from the Video library. So, basically it wills all the media contents of the mobile phone.


4. Scroll to the videos and select the one to be played. (Generally the videos are at the bottom of the list)


5. When the video is playing, exit the Oplayer Lite. Well, even when we have exited the player still the video is playing in background and you could listen to its audio. The audio will be still ON even if the phone is locked.


Thats it. Enjoy the video in background. Let me know if you know any other way of doing it.


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