How to manage Google history


You have been searching a lot on Google search or might be searching for a place to go on the maps or checking on the shortest route to an unknown destination. You have been doing all these things over the net for so many years on Google and its apps, and all these is stored by Google. Yes, its true. Google keeps a history of all the searches you do. Not sure what Google does with it. Whether it uses it refine its searching capabilities or improve on personal search patterns. But on thing is sure that these history pops up as a recommendation when you search the same stuff in future. By default when you create a Google account the History storing is enabled.


Google does says that all these historical data is stored securely and not shared with any one. But if you have a doubt then you can easily manage it – I mean delete it. Here is how you can manage the Web history.

1. Open Google and login to your account. Navigate to the Settings.

2. Click on the Dashboard on the left menu. Dashboard gives the summary of the your work across all the Google products and application.


3. Scroll down to the bottom and you can see Web History, third from the bottom. This stores the recent and past searches that you have done on the Google search. If you expand it you will see the most recent search done on the Web, for the image, on the Google News, recent video search on Youtube, Blogs, Books and Maps.


4. To manage the web history click on Remove Web History Items. On the screen that opens you will see the two charts and one calendar. The charts shows the Hourly and Daily search activities. The calender shows the color coded dates on which there is a search done by you on Google. Click on any of the dates to see that’s days searched items. The searched phrases/items will be listed at the bottom as you click on the date. Select the check box and click Remove items if you would want that item to be removed from the history.


5. If you want to delete all the web history click on delete all. Also, if you would like disable the storage of the search history permanently then click ‘Turn Off’.Art45_9

Similarly, you can also manage the location history. Location History is maintained for all the searches that you do on the Google Maps.

1. Scroll down to the Location History and expand it.


2. Click View Location History. You will see a map showing the locations where you have been recently. To see the locations visited in the past select any of the dates from the calendar.

3. Next click on the Location History Dashboard. Here you will see how much time you have spend at work and at home, how much time spend out side home location. You can also list the Most Frequently visited places or the farthest place visited from home location.

4. Click on the Settings to Enable or disable the location history storage by Google.


Something that I am struggling to know is whether these settings will be effective even on any wireless device like Chrome or Google app for iPhone. Let me know if you know about or before I know about. Until then.. keep reading!!!

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