How to make an email address as VIP on iPhone


Have you missed to see an important mail of your boss or did you missed the reminder to renewal domain of the blog you created? I do miss to see few of the really important mails which I wished I had read it earlier. To make sure that you do not miss any single mail you have to scroll through the list of 100 mails, daily. It is easy to overlook a mail that you should have seen it first.

People have different needs and have different mail that are important. For those who use the iPhone 4 and above, it is easy to see those very important mails before you scroll through the long mail list. This can be achieved by categorizing the email address of those few mails as VIP in the mail app of iPhone.

1. T0 categorize an email address as VIP tap the Mail app on the iPhone to go to the Mailboxes. There you will see all the email that you have registered. You will also see the VIP tab.

photo 2

2. Click on the little ‘i’ (information) which is to the right of the VIP tab. Next you will see the VIP List.

3. Click on ‘Add VIP…’. Next you will see your phones contacts. The ones for which you have added their email address will be highlighted in bold and you will be able to select only these ones to make them VIP. So, if you want to have your wife’s mails a VIP then add in her email address to the contact.

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4. Well, after the selection of the email address you have made it as VIP. All the mails of the selected contact will be listed in the VIP mailbox and also the regular registered mailbox.


But still you have to go to the VIP mailbox to see the mail, then how did it become VIP?

5. Set a VIP Alert. Tap on the VIP Alert tab and you will be taken to the alert setting for the VIP mail box.

photo 36. Select the alert type,  banner or alert or none, you want to when a mail comes in your VIP mailbox. Then you can select if you want to badge the app icon or not. Also, select a unique ringtone for the VIP mails so that you can easily differentiate these mails from the rest regular mails.


photo 4
7. Choose if you want to the alert to be displayed in the notification center, or if should be shown on the lock screen and even if you want to see the preview of the mail in the alert.

That’s it. You are all set to see your VIP mails differently.

photo 5

If you want to delete or remove any of the contacts from the VIP mailbox, just go to the VIP List and swipe from right to left on the contact (the same we as you delete a mail). You will see the DELETE button. Tap on it to remove the contact.


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