How to get the forgotten WiFi password


Now a days, all the devices, whether it is mobile phones or laptops or pads, they all get connected to the WiFi automatically. You just need to setup it once on the device and that’s it. The most crucial thing of a WiFi connection is its password. Without a password you cannot do anything on the internet.

Well, it is good and a bad for us. Good, because the devices are getting connected automatic and Bad, because its making us not to your memory power. If the password is lost or forgotten then how to can you get the forgotten WiFi password. The solution lies in the Windows Control Panel.

Follow the below steps.

1) Open the Control Panel of your Windows laptop.


2) Under Network and Internet, click on View network status and tasks


3) On your WiFi connection, click on the link next to Connections:


4) The WiFi Status window will open. Click on the button Wireless Properties


5) On the properties window, go to Security tab and select the check box Show characters. You will see the WiFi password. Note it down.


That is it. Share your thought on this and let me know if you know how to get the password on iPhone.




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