How to get directions for multiple destinations on Google maps


Google is making our travel easier with all the new updates that it brings to the maps. The newest addition Google has gone a step ahead, it is to search and get the map for multiple destination. Earlier we would have to pick a starting point and a end point for every location, and that’s was it. It was not possible to have multiple visiting points on a single map, for example , from location A to B  to C to D and back to A. But with the new multiple destination search on Google maps, it is not possible.

Google, on the basis of viewers feedback keep on improving its map application. It is a very very useful feature, especially for those who are going on a long vacation during the holiday period. So, say I am visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, my next destination is Agra Fort, followed by a play at the Agra Golf course and then back to the hotel Royale Residency. All these you can get it on one single map, using the multiple destination feature. You can take a printout and hit the road.


Now lets see how to achieve this multiple destination-ed on the single map search.


1) Say, I am visiting Toronto and staying at the 80 Sheppard Avenue and want to visit CN Tower, Toronto Eaton Center mall and Toronto Zoo. So, type in 80 Sheppard Avenue on the Google maps and click on directions to add the first destination CN Tower.


2) To add the next destination click on the plus sign and type in the next destination Toronto Eaton Center. Google maps automatically will create the route connecting all the locations.


3) Now click the plus button again to enter the third and last location, Toronto Zoo. This will give all the three routes on the map.


Now here is the trick, if you want to swap the destinations then just click on the small white circle on the left of the destination and drag it to the desired positions. Once you arrange the locations the map will automatically reroute.


Along with this new multiple destination feature Google have also enhanced Route options by adding more selections for choosing a proper route. Click on the Route Options if you want to avoid Toll Freeway route or Ferries  or Highways. Also you can select to show the distance units in Miles or Kilometer.


That’s not all yet. Click on the List all step, and on the new window you will get the list of all the destinations. Each of the destination will sub list the major change in route. To go back to the original map view click on the ‘Full map view’.


Before hitting the road or even taking the print out of the map if want to get familiar with the all the steps and the turns that you will have to take then click on the Preview Steps options. This will show you all the steps and its corresponding street view (optional).


So, be it a vacation or a city trip to unknown destination, get yourself familiar with the route prior to start.

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