How to download your photos from Facebook


Facebook is now a part of our social life. We get more updates of our family and friends from Facebook then via any other medium. We do upload many photos to Facebook just to tell people whats going on and where we have been. Well, by just looking at past photos of your friend you can make out where he has been and what he has been doing. Isn’t that true!!

We tell to all the people what’s going on in our life. Some may thing that it is good to share updates and know updates but I feel we are revealing too much over Facebook. Don’t you think so? I that felt that one day and then I decide to keep photos only for 4 weeks on Facebook and then delete it. But, it wasn’t that easy to do knowing that I have uploaded more than 400 photos in past 7 years. Some of the old photos I don’t even know where they are on my laptop. And I have changed 4 laptops in past 7 years.  I cannot sit and delete all those photos, its time consuming.

So, what I decided to download all the photos from Facebook and then delete it one by one, selectively. I am sure that some of you might be thinking to do the same. If yes, then follow the below steps to download the photos.


1. Open your Facebook account and click on the Search bar or click on the App Center. Search for ‘Download Photo Albums‘ app. It will take you to the below screen, once you select the app.


2. Click ‘Start Downloading‘.


3. On the next screen you will see 4 different options – Your Albums, Photos of You, Select one of my Albums, A Friend’s Photos….

Clicking Your Albums, will download all of your photo albums in a ZIP file.


Photos of You will download the photos from the PHOTOS OF YOU album.


Select one of my Albums, will allow you to select any one of the albums for download.

A Friend’s Photos, will allow you to download your friends photo.


That’s it. Thanks for reading this tip. Let me know if you know any other trick for downloading photos from Facebook.




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