How to create custom vibration patters on iPhone with iOS 7


Vibration alerts have been there since a long time but became more popular with phone vibration alerts. Be it a phone or a toy the vibration system is fun to experience. In phone, it is the alert mode that intimates when you are not holding the phone in your hand or it is not in front of you. Initially there were few patters to select on a phone, which got little advance at the phone devices become more sophisticated.

With the release of iOS 7, Apple went a step further for iPhone by giving more inbuilt vibration patterns. It also gave the end user to custom make the vibration patters as needed. So, now you can have a softer pattern when your wife call or a extreme vibration pattern when your boss calls. Excited to know how to do it? Follow the below steps.

1. Open Contacts on you iPhone and select the contact for which you want to have a custom vibration pattern.

2. Tap the Edit option on the right top corner to edit the contact.

3. Scroll down and tap on Vibration. Here you will see all the inbuilt vibration patterns to select. You can select any one of it or can custom make the pattern.


4. To create a custom vibration pattern scroll down and tap Create New Vibration.


5. On the next screen tap you finger on the screen to create a vibration pattern. Once done tap Stop and Save. You will be asked to give a name to the pattern that you created.


That’s it. Create as many vibration patterns as you want for as many contacts as needed.

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