How to convert Gmail attachments to PDF without a converter


Just think. You have received an email attachment in a non-PDF format and want to convert it to PDF. The shortest way is to download the doc and use a PDF converter , and the longest way is to download the document, take a printout and scan it to PDF.

I don’t think you want to do it either of the ways. Well, how about converting it to PDF without download it and that too on your web browser. Its simple, follow the below steps –


1. Click ‘View’ for the attachment document.


2. Click File and then Print (PDF). This will convert the document to PDF and then ask you to print it.


  Remember, if you want to save the document to your Google drive then just press ‘Add to Drive’.

3. Cancel the print and click the download button, its the one on the right top corner.


4. That’s it. You have converted the document to PDF and downloaded it.