How to add Shutdown button to Right Click menu in Windows 8.1


Windows 8.1 came up with the addition of the windows start button, but it really didn’t gave the look of the old start button. Before 8.1 people literally struggled to find even the simplest task like Shutdown. With 8.1 the shutdown option was made available at the right click on the windows button. Well, any windows standard application can be added to right click menu following the below trick. But we will add shutdown option.

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There is one more way to shutdown windows. That is by adding the shutdown option to the right click menu.

Add Shutdown button to Right Click menu in Windows 8.1

Open the registry using the run menu and go to the directory – HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell



Right click on the shell and create a new key.



Name it as Shutdown. Followed by this you will be required to create a command key which will hold the command to perform shutdown. Right click on the Shutdown key and create a new key. Give it the name command.


The directory structure should look like below.



Now, you need to give the actual function of shutdown to this command. This can be done by pointing to the right exe file. To this, search for the shutdown.exe under windows/system32 folder. Press shift key and right click on the shutdown.exe. Copy the path.


Further go back to registry, click on the command key under Shutdown key. Then double click on the (Default) in the right sub window. Paste the path in the Value data: box and click OK.


That’s it. You are done. Go to desktop and open right click menu. You will Shutdown option.


Again, please note that this trick can be used to add in any windows standard application to the right click menu.


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