How to add Google Form’s Survey to Website?


When talking about Google Forms we did talk about how to create a survey using Google forms, but the best use of any forms survey is its use on any website.There are many free survey software and plugins available but (I think) Google forms is the best free tool available for everyone.

Mainly Google forms are used to create simple polls to be posted on websites. Online polls on the website are really useful to get opinion, behavior, likes/dislikes of your visitors. The statistics of these polls can lead to a great article/posts and may attract more visitors to your site.

Lets see how to add the poll/survey to your site.

1. Login to your Google Drive account and navigate to the spreadsheet your are using to store the polls/survey’s response.

2. Next from the menu click on Form and “Embed  form in a web page…”.


3. A new window will open which will give the frame code snippet. Copy the code.


4. This code can be added to your website as a post or as a widget or anything there else as you may want.

For adding it as a post, especially a website running on WordPress, the code should be pasted in the “Text” section of the post.



Once done you can see the survey/poll as shown below.



For adding it as a widget, just add the frame code to the Text widget.



That’s it. It is that simple to have the polls on your website. Now as people start submitting the polls the data will get directly stored to the poll’s spreadsheet for you to analyze and work.


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