How to Activate 2-Step Verification for Your Gmail Account?


A few days back I checked my Gmail account activity and to my surprise, I saw two entries of Sydney, AU. I had never been to Australia in my whole life. It didn’t take me long to realize that my account had been hacked. Fortunately, I had been lucky that it was not misused or locked.

It was time I had to increase the security of my gmail account and just changing the password wouldn’t suffice.

Coincidently, a friend of my mine suggested to activate the 2-step verification process for my gmail account. With the 2-step verification process, Google sends a 6 digit code on your registered phone which you will have to enter on the website to access Google account and its web apps.

If you have faced a similar type of surprise then please follow the below steps for activating the 2-step verification for your Google account.

1. Login to Google accounts and click `Security` option on the left menu. Art11_1

2. Click on the `Edit` option for 2-step verification. You will see the below screen. Then click on `Start set up`.


3. Enter your phone number and click Send code.Art11_3

4. You will be send a 6 digit code on your phone. Enter the code, as shown in the screen below and click Next.


5. This will verify you Google account`s access on the device on which you are performing this task. Google will always for this 2-step verification process unless you specify not to. To do this you will have to make the current device as `Trusted`. This can be done by selecting `Trust this device` on the next screen.


6. This setup will remain for next 30 days and then you Google will send another code on your phone for verification. Or if you try accessing Google apps or web apps from any new device then the process will have to be followed again for the new device.