How to access Street view and Indoor maps on Google maps for iPhone


Google, the pioneer in online maps have done it again. Google enhanced its iOS Maps application with the release of Google Maps 2.0. The new version is rolled to iPhone, iPod and a new design for iPad.

The iOS update includes –

  • New design for iPad
  • Enhanced navigation including live traffic updates and incident reports
  • Explore: A new way to browse and discover popular local places to eat, drink, shop play and sheep
  • Simple 5-star ratings and views from friends, plus expert Zagat content
  • Greate deals from your favorite brands with Google Offers
  • Indoor maps with walking direction for malls , transit stations, airport and more

However, Google do claim that it have added few more tiny features too. The maps interface and look-and-feel have also been enhance. Personally, its more shiny. This new shiny feature is available to the developers to the new SDK.

Street view is one of the finest feature available on Google Maps, its been tuned and enhanced with this release.  It help in locate exactly where you want to go. Be it a shop, a house or an entire street, the street view is so precise that you can easily see the house number. Lets imagine, if any object is blocking the view to the house number move ahead on the street and check it out. Lets see how to Street view on the iPhone –

1. Open Google maps on you iPhone and point at any street.


2. Push up the below slide-bar up. You will see the Street view picture.


3. Click the Street view picture and browse the street.

Art17_3 Art17_4 Art17_5

4. Now here’s the new thing. In the left bottom corner you can see a two curved arrows making a circle. This is the 360 Degree icon. Click it.

5. The next you will see is a street view picture that will point to that view of the  street where you are facing. That is, if you are facing north it will show you the northern view. Just hold the phone and slowly turn around. The picture will move as you move showing the view of the street where you are facing. Isn’t that cool!!



Another amazing feature that Google Maps givens in you hand is the indoor map. Google has given around 10,000 indoor floor plans of famous and important places in Canada, United States, France, Denmark, U.K., Japan, Switzerland and few more. Google says it is time that the navigation should go indoor. For example, the San Francisco International Airport is so huge that any new person may get lost finding the flight gate. That’s where the indoor maps comes very handy. So, to access the indoor map of SFO Intl airport –

1. Go to the SFO Intl Airport on the map.


2. Keep zooming it until you see the floor plan. You can see the A5, A6 and A7 gates. That’s level of depth the indoor maps will show. Not only that, you can even see where is a coffee shop, the lunge, book store, etc. etc.


3. Once you see the floor plan, on the right side of the screen you can see the 4 levels of the building. Click on the level number of which you want to see the floor plan.




















Not only the floor plan of the building, you can also find your route to the desired place with the indoor navigation. Select the destination and the map will show you the exact path to reach the place.




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