How much does your iPhone battery lasts?


Ever since the first iPhone was launched the battery consumption has been an argument suitable for debate. Whenever a new iDecice is launched every forum, tech sites have their own opinion on the battery’s construct. Apple affirms 8 hours of talk time, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of audio, upto 9 hours of Internet usage on wi-fi. On above all of these it also gives an 200 hours of standby, that’s the time when the phone is not in use but still consumes power.


Knowing all the different opinions, have you indeed ever tried to validate how much time is the phone used and whether it really covers 200 hours of standby.  Its obvious that the battery percentage can help to signal that its time to plugin the phone. There is a way to know how long is the phone used or is in standby since the last full recharge.

Usage and Standby

iPhone gives the precise time for how long the phone is been used and how much time it has spend on standby. It is explained by the two options available in the settings – Usage and Standby.

1. Go to “Settings” and tap on the “General” option.

2. Tap on “Usage” and scroll down to “Time since last full charge”.

Usage: Shows the total time the phone has been used since the last full charge. The phone is awake when you make a call, browse the net, play games, watch videos, shoot pictures, listen to music. So basically when the phone’s screen is unlocked, etc. It is also said to be awake during few of the background process like auto-check mails, if an app is using location services, etc.

Standby: Shows the total time for which the phone was asleep. So mostly when the phone’s screen is locked and you are doing nothing on it.

Below is the how the setting looks like.



Along with the battery percentage, if you monitor the usage time it can surely benefit in managing the battery power. So, turn on the percentage option (which is just above the “usage & standby”) and check the usage time. If you get to see 1% of battery remaining and the usage shows 8 hours and few minutes then the phone’s battery is working as per what Apple says. But if you see 2% of battery remaining and 20 hours of usage then that is very unusually good. The best way to test it is to fully charge the phone’s battery and then monitor the percentage and usage values.


Remember, if you do not see any thing in the “usage” and “standby”, means that there is not enough data to display.


Stuffs that eat-up the phone’s battery

Now as you know how to determine the battery usage time, lets see few thing that increases the usage time. If you use your phone then it will clearly consume your battery, that’s obvious. But there are few things that runs in the background and consumes lot of battery.

1. Location services – Apps that uses the location service of the phone consumes a lot of battery power. If the location service is used than you will see the small tilted triangle next to the battery icon on the top right corner. Apps that uses the GPS navigation for example Google Maps and iPhone maps, apps that helps locate others like Find My Friend and iTrack. Few Apple provided apps that may uses location services are Weather, Reminders.

So, turn off the location base services if you do not need the app to track your location and switch it on only when needed.

2. Push mails – Mail is the correct example of push mail services. The app runs in background, even when the phone is asleep to check on the new incoming mails. These kind of apps also the cause of battery drain.

You can turn off the auto mail search by going to Settings >> Mails, Contacts, Calenders >> Fetch New Data. Turn off the ‘Push’ and set it ‘Manually’.

3. Screen Brightness – The iPhone or any iDevice probably has the best display from the rest of its competitors, and that is because it has the Retina display. To provide such a high resolution display it needs more battery power. So, lower the phone’s brightness.

4. Background running apps – If you come out of the app to the main screen of the iPhone, the app still runs in the background. The more the number of background running apps the more the battery drains. So, close all the unwanted apps.

5. Wi-Fi / Bluetooth – Finally on the list is the Wi-fi and Bluetooth services. Personally, I will recommend to turn off the Bluetooth if its not need but not the Wi-Fi. What the point of not having the Wi-Fi turned-off on an iPhone. I would not turn off it anytime.

Well, try these options and tips to use the battery of your iPhone at its fullest.


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