Set Chrome Handwrite on Touch Phones


Google Chrome for touch phones has an interesting Handwrite feature which allows to write on the phone screen with finger touch instead of typing on the keypad.

Sometimes it is difficult to press the right keys on the keypad. This smart feature of Chrome reads the characters that are scribbled on the screen and writes it in to the Google search bar. Be it English, German or Chinese, just scratch those letters on the screen and search.


Handwrite helps…

  • during workouts, catching a subway train, or while walking
  • people with temporary hand disability
  • teach kids alphabets


How to Enable the Handwrite on Google Chrome

1. Open the Google Chorme browser and scroll down.

2. Choose Settings.

3. Under Search Settings, look for Handwrite and choose Enable.

4. Now go back to the Search main screen and you will see a small ‘g’ symbol appearing at the right-bottom corner. Tap the symbol and it will slide out the Handwrite Bar.




That’s it. Start your scribbled search.

The Handwrite can be permanently disabled from the Settings. But remember, if you don’t want to permanently disable Handwrite then tap the ‘g’ symbol to slide-in the bar. You can then use the keypad for the search.