Get the home screen image on lock screen without changing it [iOS7]


Its been more than a week since the release of iOS. A beautifully created interface with vibrant colors makes it more enjoyable to use. In the previous article I showed you some of the important features of iOS 7. While exploring the new features and its setup, I found something very unusual with the lock screen.

This is what happened – I could get the Home Image on the Lock screen without going into Photos and changing the Wallpaper settings. Or in other words, the lock screen can be seen for both the images. Rather then I explaining you about it, please check the below video. In the below video I have shown the lock screen image and home screen image, so that it is easy to interpret what I am trying to do.



I am not sure if it is a feature or a bug, but certainly it doesn’t look like a feature. Please do let me know if you  know more about it.


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