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Last month was Halloween and I attended three different parties, one at the school of my child, the apartment were we live in and last was at a friends place. Taking pictures was the most essential and important task of the day. I am not a guy who’s interested in taking lots of pictures, but that day I ended up taking more then 400 pictures, on my iPhone, Digital Cam and the DSLR. The annoying thing that faced was that I had to delete few videos and existing pictures on my iPhone, and use a friends laptop to delete the old pictures from my SD card. That day I realized that I should have a spare SD card for my DSLR/digi cam and probably should go for a 32 gigs or 64 gigs iPhone. That’s a lot of money to spend.

Even though I have three 500 GB external hard drives and many pen drives still I cannot use these storage drives, especially on-the-go, with my wireless devices. When I started searching for a SD card I found that there is a way to use these hard drives with my pocket device and that too wireless-ly, without the needs of having a dedicated wireless network. Well that’s possible by using one of the many available Wireless Hard Drives or Wireless data sharing devices. After going through many reviews and product configurations of many such drives, I stopped by Kingston Digital MobileLite Wireless (Amazon). This is a smartly designed devices which allows to expand the storage capacity of the wireless hand handle. Let’s see how does it solves the storage problem.

When it comes to Apple products, storage is really an issue. Apple devices are very efficient, but the limited storage really reduces the full usage of the device. Kingston MobileLite is an effective and efficient solution.

KingstonMobileLite (kitguru)

Kingston MobileLite is a wireless – SD Card, USB External HDD, USB Pen drive (earlier versions had a micro SD card slot) – reader. So, how is it wireless and does it require a wireless network? The answer is, NO. The device has a inbuilt 1800 mAh Lithium battery and with this dedicated power supply it can create its own WiFi network. The WiFi network created by the device allows a direct wireless connections to the devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones, laptops. The sleekness of the device is good enough to slip it into your pocket and still leaves a room for your phone.

So, here is how it work!

1. To access the MobileLite contents on an iPhone or iPad you will have to download the app MobileLite by Kingston.

2. Switch ON the power and within just few seconds MobileLite will create its own WiFi network.

3. After you have selected the MobileLite’s WiFi network on your device insert the SD card into the available card slot and you will see the SD card as a folder icon on the app’s interface. Simultaneously you can also insert a USB pen drive in to the USB slot and can access its contents as well.

You can connect 3 different wireless device to MobileLite and each one of the 3 device can access different contents from the connected storage devices, be is a movie, pictures, documents, etc. The WiFi network created is powerful enough to seamlessly share different contents all the connected devices. Each of the 3 devices can also copy different contents on to the device and also put the contents on the connected hard drives. Not only that, the contents can also be shared between the connected hard drives.

The wireless hot spot created by MobileLite do not create any hindrance to the existing home wifi network. Means, you can access the internet on your iPad without disturbing or disconnecting MobileLite content.

With the powerful 1800 mAh battery the MobileLite can last for 5 hrs of continues usage. The battery not only serves as MobileLite’s source of power but it can also be the power source for your wireless device. Yes, you can charge your iPhone or iPad on-the-run with the help of MobiLite’s battery via the USB slot.


Another, similar eye catching device is RAVPower FileHub Wireless (Amazon). It has all features that are there in the Kingston’s MobileLite, such as creates own wireless hot spot, SD card slot, USB slot, but it does have few minor different features which make it a bit better then MobileLite.

RAVPower FileHub

FileHub has 3000 mAh battery resulting in more hours of working , approximately 7 to 8 hrs of continues battery life. When MobileLite can allow 3 different wireless device connections, FileHub can allow 5 different device connections simultaneously. According to me these are the only two features that differentiate FileHub from MobileLite. Personally, I like MobileLite as it is lighter in weight and more sleek in size, even though it allows only 3 wireless connections still the streaming of the contents is seamless.

Well, there are many usage of such wireless storage devices. It can be very useful to take along the favorite movies and songs when camping in the middle of woods. Think you are at an airport waiting for the your flight and you receive an email of pictures of your friend party that you attended yesterday evening, using this wireless wifi hot spot you can immediately backup the pictures on the HDD or Pen drive and view it when needed. You can share your contents with friends when having a casual chat over a coffee. The best one is for parents have more then one technology savvy kids who like to listen to music, watch movies sitting on the back sit of car. Using this device parents can stop the fight between the kids for an iPod or iPhone.

Lets take the same situation that I narrated earlier, about the Halloween parties. If I had this device with me a that time during the party at my friends place, instead of using his laptop to access the pictures on the SD card I could have easily move the pictures from the SD card to a pen drive. Here is a summary of comparison and the choice is yours.

FeaturesKingston MobileliteRAVPower FileHub
Battery Capacity1800 mAh / 5 hrs3000 mAh / 7 to 8 hrs
Device charging YesYes
Internal Storage CapacityNoneNone
Micro USB slot11
SD Card slotYesYes
Self Wifi Hot SpotYesYes
Multiple users3 connections 5 connections
Data Transmission2 way2 way
Apple AppYesYes
Android AppYesYes

Here are the links to the products at Amazon, if you wish to grab one RAVPower FileHub Wireless & Kingston MobileLite Wireless.


Image – wacotechsupport.com, kitguru.com



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